Week 8

There are moments in training when you feel yourself jump up to the next level and this was such a week. Having spend the first 7 weeks of this challenge slowly building up my fitness, I am now at a point where I feel noticeably fitter and stronger than last month.

And this exciting. Very exciting.

I am finally making progress and for me, this is what motivates me every time I tie my trainers, strap on my heart rate monitor and spend then next 5 minutes trying to acquire satellites on my Garmin. I want to get faster.

Day 50 – Sunday 19 February

10.1 miles – 8:05

First 8 miles was excellent, I felt fit and strong, but that quickly changed over the final 2 miles. My legs tightened and it felt awful.

Day 51 – Monday 20 February

3.5 miles – 8:54

I cannot explain why this run was so bad. Yes, yesterday’s run ended quite slowly. But this was shocking.

Day 52 – Tuesday 21 February

10.1 miles – 8:03 – 140bpm

I joined in the club session at Ranelagh 3x8mins tempo at Ranelagh. The session was ok, I ran to the correct heart rate zone but wanted to run faster. I kept having to check my pace and let others gradually push ahead, constantly fighting the competitive instinct in me to ‘beat’ others.

I wanted to run 10 miles tonight so I spent the last mile running around Old Deer Park getting slower and slower and my legs tighter and tighter for no training benefit whatsoever other than to fulfill my plan of running 10 miles.

I’m an idiot.

But a happy idiot, I just ran 10 miles, twice in three days!

Day 53 – Wednesday 22 February

Run 1 – 3.8 miles – 8:33

Slow, and getting slower.

Run 2 – 4.2 miles – 8:18

Slow, and getting quicker.

Day 54 – Thursday 23 February

5 miles – 7:26

That’s more like it! Despite Storm Doris’ best efforts this run was not a disaster.

Day 55 – Friday 24 February

Run 1 – 4.2 miles – 7:58 – bpm

Run 2 – 4.9 miles – 7:57 – bpm

The daily double both under 8 min mile pace. This is a very good sign.

Day 56  – Saturday 25 February

6 miles – 7:29 – 137bpm

Legs felt extremely tired before this run and my pre-run activities of swim with the kids followed by an hour trudging slowly around Sainsbury’s didn’t help. I was still very positive that today’s run would go well and it did. I didn’t want another very slow run so kept it to the upper part of the easy heart rate zone and was very pleased with the pace at this zone. Much better than I expected. One more run to go until an easy week, and I really need it!

Weekly totals

  • 9 runs
  • 7 days
  • 51.8 miles
  • 6/10 leg freshness score

Yearly total

  • 66 runs
  • 56 days
  • 345.6 miles

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