Week 11

Boom! My biggest mileage week (57.1 miles) since September 2014 (61 miles) and second biggest since March 2012 (58 miles).

Day 71 – Sunday 12 March

10.9 miles – 8:03 – 129bpm

The morning started with Waterlooville Jr parkrun where my eldest ran around in a massive 6 minutes pb! She refused to hold my hand, ran/walked the whole way without stopping and at one point she even told me to stay back because she just wanted to run on her own! A great start to the day.

My run wasn’t quite so good. I felt ok for the first few miles and then the pains started. In no particular order, all of these areas hurt at different points during the run, lower back, both calves, both achilles, and both hamstrings. I was very sore for the final mile as I tried to focus on completing the 11 mile run but couldn’t help but think about the damage I was doing to my body and how long my recovery would take. Perhaps I shouldn’t have finished yesterday’s parkrun with a sprint? I was happy with the pace of this run considering how low my heart rate was (70%).

Day 72  – Monday 13 March

6.4 miles – 7:56 – 130bpm

A confidence boosting cruisy run up and down the Thames although towards the end there was a bit of pain in my left heal where it joins the achilles. I’ve never had before. Always good to add another ache to the list.

Day 73 – Tuesday 14 March

Run 1 – 4.5 miles – 7:59

I was very sore when I woke up this morning. The week has barely started and I am already looking forward to next week’s easy week. The run was ok, my leg speed is starting to increase and I’m moving comfortably but with many aches and pains. It has been over a month since I last did a core sessions and I am noticing the difference. I had a bit of back pain when I woke up this morning which is worrying.

Run 2 – 5.5 miles – 8:27

I wasn’t looking forward to this run. I expected it to be very painful, and it was. Hence the slow time. I did take a slight detour to check out the old SHAEF running track in Bushy Park. I have done this a few times recently but still can’t quite see it, although from above it seems very obvious. The last time I ran passed, I thought I saw the remnants of an old long jump pit so wanted to check it out further. It is defiintely a long jump pit and you can even make out the old runway. Would be interesting to remove all the covering grass and view what is underneath.

Day 74  – Wednesday 15 March

Run 1 – 3.75 miles – 7:47

I spent a lot of time thinking about how to do today’s run. I’m still aiming for 58 miles this week but my body is starting to fall apart. I need a rest and tomorrow is tempo day. What happens today is going to have a massive impact on tomorrow. I decided to stick to the plan of two runs but make them as short as possible – that is straight to work without any additional length.

I was a bit surprised at this morning’s pace, it was much faster than I was expecting.

Run 2 – 3.85 miles – 8:11

Slow, achy, but not painful. I considered adding an additional mile at the end to bump up the mileage and leave less to do for the rest of the week but decided it was better that I went straight home. I find it easier when I am running a bit quicker – I think it is because my glutes work.  I did sideways crabs this evening to strengthen my glutes – the cause of all my ills – and a lot of foam rolling my calves, hockey ball on the trigger  points and long hip flexor stretches. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s session, picking up the pace and stretching my legs out. I’m  starting to think that too much slow run is bad for you! I need to start doing more strides.

Day 75 – Thursday 16 March

7.4 miles – 6:59 – 151bpm

Tempo day – 3×10 minutes was my goal but I was prepared to reassess once I started the first rep and drop to 6x5mins, or even scrap the session if my legs really can’t handle the effort

However, not only did I completed the session but at 6:09 average was much better than I was expecting!  I have no idea how because my legs felt tight and I was struggling to push myself into the correct heart rate zone but I got it done and at a relatively good pace for my current level of fitness.

Day 76 – Friday 17 March

Run 1 – 5 miles – 8:15

Felt quite good this morning, clipping along through the park. Stretched it out to five miles so that I have the shorter run home this evening, or if I’m feeling ok, I can increase from 9 to 10 miles today.

Run 2 – 4.5 miles – 8:20

Day 77  – Saturday 18 March

7.1 miles – 7:56 – 134bpm

I started easy and was running well until I reached mile 5 where my average pace plummeted by 30s per mile and I was desperate to get home. Everything below my waist is hurting.

Weekly totals

  • 10 runs
  • 7 days
  • 57.9 miles
  • 7 leg freshness score

Yearly total

  • 92 runs
  • 77 days
  •  548.49 miles

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