Week 24 – Man down

Day 162 – Sunday 11 June

11 miles – 8:07 – 128bpm

I managed 10 miles this morning before my regular long run collapse began and I lost 30s over the final mile. I felt like a marathon runner hitting the wall. My stride length shortens considerably, my knee lift is barely noticeable and I start shuffling whilst trying to ignore the pain in my right hip. Perhaps my continuing failure to run over 10 miles without suffering is due to doing my long runs a day after a session.

Day 163 – Monday 12 June

4.2 miles – 8:04 – 127bpm

A relaxed, short run followed by stretches in Bushy Park. My achilles are both very sore and will need a lot of TLC this week leading into my track race on Saturday.

Day 164 – Tuesday 13 June

7.6 miles – 6:50 – 146bpm

Club session, 6×3 minutes. Felt awful. My legs, specifically lower legs are tired, sore and at the end of each rep I felt powerless. I really struggled to maintain 3.30k which should be the bare minimum for this session. I’m no longer looking forward to Saturday’s race. It is going to be a disaster. I will run slower than 5 weeks ago which will be very frustrating.

Day 165 – Wednesday 14 June

4.2 miles – 8:18 – 118bpm

Nice and easy bounce around Bushy Park in the glorious sunshine and sticking mostly to the softer surface of the grass trails to protect my legs. I was starting to feel really good and a bit more optimistic about the weekend and then it happened.

Within half a second I was rolling around on the ground, holding my ankle and turning the air blue with expletives. I had twisted my ankle and my first thought was the distance.

I checked my watch.

1.9 miles, phew.

Not the two miles I have to do, but if required, I could crawl 0.1 miles to hit the daily target.

After a few minutes I stood up, hobbled around and reviewed the source of my discomfort. A small hole, 10cm deep and 15cm in diameter. I walked another few metres, turned to face the hole and it had vanished. No wonder I missed it, it was camouflaged by a tuft of grass.

Once the initial pained had passed and I could walk without pain, I continued my run and even managed to run the final mile quicker than the first mile.

Day 166 – Thursday 15 June

2 miles – 8:17 – 125bpm

My body feels wrecked. I’ve been fighting a bug all day and felt weak and drowsy but had to attempt the two miles and test my ankle. It still hurt and was swollen, but could I run on it?

I managed the run, but it felt horrible. My ankle seemed the least of my concerns. Nearly every muscle below my waist was tight, sore and ached with every step. I may be a doubt for my race on Saturday, but at least the challenge is still on!

Day 167 – Friday 16 June

2.2 miles – 8:13 – 118bpm

I am now fully recovered from my bug and have accepted that I am only a 5% chance to run on Saturday. Just one more run before I can confirm my absence, but it was a good run. Not the first half which left me convinced I was being stupid even considering racing tomorrow, but after a few stretches in Bushy Park, the run back home felt much better. My foot strike felt normal, my knee lift was higher and I felt like I was running properly. Perhaps I could race tomorrow? But, the bruise on the side of my foot seems to be bigger, and darker than yesterday and I felt a light tingle across the top of my foot after a couple of hours post-run sitting at my desk. I think the race is off and now to look forward to the Ranelagh v Stragglers mob match at Bushy Park parkrun next Saturday and further ahead a trio of 1500m races as I look to build speed towards a pb attempt in two months time.

Day 168 – Saturday 17 June

2.5 miles – 7:28 – 133bpm

Everything aches – apart from my ankle!

Weekly totals

  • 7 runs
  • 32.9 miles
  • 4 leg freshness score

Yearly total

  • 202  runs
  • 168 days
  • 1173 miles

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