Week 33 – 1500s bring up the 1500th mile

Day 225 – Sunday 13 August

9.7 miles – 8:00

I felt tight, lethargic and I struggled. Except for a brief moment when I was catching up another runner whose style was atrocious and I actually felt embarrassed that we were running at such a similar pace. I was within 10m of him when he suddenly sped up and I had an internal struggle about whether or not I should up my pace to catch him up again. Had I not felt so terrible, I probably would have.

Day 226 – Monday 14 August

5.5 miles – 8:33

5mins hard and 10x30s fast to sharpen up for Wednesday’s track races.

There was a noticeable difference in pace for the 30s reps where I finally paced them under 4:30, finishing with a 4:13. Much better than previous weeks’ struggles to run under 5:00.

Day 227 – Tuesday 15 August

3.3 miles – 8:18

Very easy run into Bushy Park for some stretches and to watch J’s speed session. I’m feeling quietly confident about tomorrow.

Day 228 – Wednesday 16 August

4 miles – 7:45

Tonight was the 1500m at the Rosenheim League final where the two divisions (West and East) meet for the ultimate battle for South London sub-sub-sub-sub elite stardom. My goal was simple. Erase 5:13 from the season’s best table on my power of ten profile.

I was in the scoring race and was relieved to recognise a couple of the runners so was confident I wouldn’t finish last.

The first lap passed in 74s which is ok for my current form but running on my own I struggled to maintain it and I could only manage 77s for the remaining laps.

It was rubbish and almost 30s slower than my pb.

At some point during tonight I completed my 1500th mile of the year. I really hope it was during the 1500m.

Day 229 – Thursday 17 August

3.8 miles – 8:33

Another very slow jog to work. Not quite as achy as I was expecting.

I’m racing again on Saturday and will need two very easy days to recover.

Day 230 – Friday 18 August

2.6 miles – 8:06 – 122bpm

A couple of easy miles, stretches and strides in the park. I am feeling fresh and cannot wait to get back onto the track tomorrow!

I am now wearing my heart rate monitor again. It will be interesting to see if this makes any difference to how I run my easy runs.

Day 231 – Saturday 19 August

5.5 miles

I finally made it into the Southern Athletics League team for St Marys having missed the previous meetings due to holidays, injuries and illnesses.

I decided to run the 800m and 1500m which would be good training and the two hour gap between races afforded plenty of recovery.

I was disappointed with the 800m as I felt I should be running under 2:20 and perhaps 2:16-2:20.

However 2:20.1 off virtually no speedwork isn’t too bad.

The 1500m turned into out to be a great race. Two groups emerged within the first 100m and I found myself at the back of a pack of four runners going through 400 in 72s. With two laps to go I was in third place in the pack and feeling quite desperate to push the pace but I didn’t have the confidence that I could maintain it so decided to race smart and stick to my position.

At the bell I made my move, and took the lead of our ‘second’ pack in the race, and kept the pace just below a sprint. Going into the final straight, parkrun regular Justin Reid, running for Hercules Wimbledon, was on my shoulder which did make me find another gear and I held on for the win. It was also pleasing that a couple of older runners managed to put 10s on a teenager over the final lap. Surely it should be the other way round?

I would have liked to have run under 4:30 but I can’t complain with 4:37.9 and a 67s final lap.

Weekly totals

  • 7 runs
  • 31.7 miles
  • 7 leg freshness score

Yearly total

  • 273 runs
  • 231 days
  • 1509 miles

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