The Challenge

What is ‘the Double Ron Hill Challenge’?

Run at least two miles, each and every day, throughout 2017. No rest days.

Sounds quite simple, right?


I have been stuck in a cycle of an achilles injury every 6-8 months for the last 5 years. I spent most of 2016 either recovering from injury, injured or trying to train through an imminent injury.

If my focus for the year is to keep running, then I will be less distracted by racing when I should be resting or trying to get into pb shape as quick as possible when I should be rebuilding my body and making it more robust and injury resistant.

If I can get through the next 12 months injury free it will be my longest injury free running streak for nearly 10 years and I’ll be a very happy runner.

Why two miles?

If I’m replacing my rest days with a run, it needs to be short. Two miles is a manageable distance for an easy stretch of the legs when my muscles are aching and I’m exhausted. And lets face it, anything less than two miles just doesn’t seem worth putting running kit on for.

It’s also quite easy to motivate myself to fit in a very late night two miles on a wet, windy, dark evening when life has delayed my running slot until 10pm.

I’ve decided to nickname it the ‘Double Ron Hill Challenge’ after the British marathon legend who famously ran at least a mile a day for over 50 years. Ron ran 2:09 for a marathon nearly 50 years ago, a feat rarely matched by British runners these days.

I’m starting the year in sub 19 shape for 5k – a long way from my best time from 2016 (16:59) – and it will be interesting to see how I progress without going straight back into speedwork before my body is truly ready to cope with the demands of sessions like 10x2mins.

This blog is going to chart every run, every ache and pain, every up, and every down.

Let the challenge commence.